vintage cards

Printable Edwardian Valentine of a Child Playing the Lute

A cute early 1900’s Valentine’s Day card of a child playing the lute to print – includes a free high resolution download!

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Cute Child’s Vintage Valentine Printable from 1946

A cute printable vintage children’s Valentine’s Day card from 1946.

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Retro Baby Shower Illustration

A retro red and aqua drawing from a vintage baby shower card.

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Coming Soon – 25 Days of Vintage Valentines!

A sneak peek at my upcoming 25 Days of Vintage Valentine Cards series!

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Vintage Christmas Card Art – Christmas Stocking with Santa in his Sleigh

A 1940’s Christmas card image of a stuffed stocking full of presents with Santa in the background.

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Printable Retro 1950’s Snowman Picture

Retro Snowman and Snowwoman Image from the 1950s

A cute printable image of a kitschy 1950s snowman couple Christmas card.

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Early 1900’s Christmas Card with Children Sledding

Vintage Christmas Card - Scene of Children Sledding

An early vintage Christmas chromoxylograph printed card.

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Vintage Mid-Century Modern Printable Santa Christmas Card

Here’s a wonderful retro Santa Christmas card in color or black and white – this picture would be great for crafting!

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Vintage Christmas Bluebirds Printable Card

A sweet vintage christmas card printable with bluebirds on holly branches

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Printable Kitschy Vintage Christmas Card from the 1940s

Printable Retro Merry Christmas Card

A printable vintage Merry Christmas card from the 1940s.

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