printables for kids

Printable Vintage Halloween Paper Cut Outs


Two adorable vintage Halloween paper toys to cut out and use as place cards, paper dolls, or as paper decorations.

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Retro Orange and Black Pumpkin Man Halloween Clip Art


Here’s a darling retro clip art image of a pumpkin man that looks like a kid’s craft.

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Vintage Circus Clip Art Banner of a Line of Elephants


Here’s a cute piece of vintage circus clip art of a line of elephants in a row.

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Vintage Little Red Riding Hood Illustration from a Children’s Book


A beautiful Red Riding Hood illustration from a vintage children’s book of fairy tales.

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Retro Image of the Easter Bunny with a Basket of Eggs


A cute and kitschy image of the Easter Bunny carrying a basket of eggs.

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Retro Easter Hatching Duck Clip Art


A super-cute retro baby duck in an Easter egg.

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Vintage Easter Printable Paper Toy for Kids

Printable Vintage Easter Paper Toys

An adorable printable cut out paper toy set of Easter bunnies from 1914.

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Vintage Children’s Book Easter Illustration


Here’s an adorable vintage illustration of the Easter Bunny speaking to three children from 1916.

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Cute Printable of a Retro Easter Chick and a Basket of Eggs


Here’s a cute picture of a 1940’s Easter chick holding a basket of eggs.

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Whimsical Vintage Four Leaf Clover Illustration for St. Patrick’s Day


Here’s the Lucky Four Leafed Clover character from the vintage kid’s book The Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon.

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