patriotic summer art

Beautiful Bald Eagle Painting on a Vintage Nature Magazine Cover

A beautiful patriotic bald eagle on the cover of a July 1928 issue of Nature Magazine.

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Lovely Illustration of a Revolutionary War Couple Saying Goodbye

A pretty illustration of a man and a woman from the Revolutionary War era.

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Antique Dragonfly Art to Print

Vintage Black and White Dragonfly Illustration - Click for larger printable clip art

Here is a pretty shabby chic illustration of a vintage dragonfly from a 1912 encyclopedia.

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Cool Vintage Florida Postcard of a Sailboat Race

Vintage Florida Postcard Sailboat Racing - Click for larger image to print

A fun retro Florida souvenir postcard of seven sailboats racing on the ocean.

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Four Beautiful Free Vintage Seashell Illustrations

Here is a set of four wonderful beachy – nautical inspired vintage sea shell drawings.

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Stunning Butterfly Illustration from a 1930’s Magazine Cover

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous illustration of flowers and butterflies by Tommi Parzinger.

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Old Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Drawing

Here’s a gorgeous black and white drawing of an early 1900’s hot air balloon.

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Vintage Circus Traveling Bus Photograph

Vintage Circus Sideshow Traveling Bus Photograph - Click for larger printable image

A great black and white photograph from the old Hoxie Brothers Circus.

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Sweet Victorian Trade Card Featuring Children Blowing Bubbles

Victorian Children Blowing Bubbles Art - Click for larger drawing to print

A sweet colorful vintage illustration of two Victorian children blowing bubbles.

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Old Ink Drawing of a Patriotic Military Drum

A black and white vintage image of a patriotic military snare drum.

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