Late 1800’s

Vintage Bird Eggs Free High Resolution Print

A free high res antique bird eggs art print from a late 1800’s natural history book.

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Vintage Sewing Trade Card with Bicycling Bunnies

Here are some adorably bunnies on bikes in two versions of a Victorian era trade card for J. & P. Coats thread.

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Vintage Easter Ephemera of an 1886 Spring Easter Card

1886 Spring Easter Antique Card - Click for instant printable art

A very old 1886 antique Easter card of two children in an egg ‘carriage’.

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Another Victorian Era Easter Eggshell Boat Illustration

Another Victorian Era Easter Egg Boat Illustration - Click for printable art

A beautiful illustration of two children in an Easter eggshell boat from the late 1800’s.

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Vintage Easter Cross with Flowers Artwork

A pretty vintage image of the cross with Easter lilies and bleeding heart flowers.

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Lovely Vintage Merrick Thread Ad from the Late 1800’s

A beautiful Merrick Thread ad featuring a young girl holding two adorable rabbits.

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Antique Painting of Two Spring Birds in a Nest with Flowers

A beautiful late 1800’s painting of vintage birds building a nest surrounded by flower blossoms.

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Lovely Old Fashioned Easter Bunny Picture

Here’s a lovely late 1800’s engraving of a hopping Easter rabbit.

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Lovely Peasant Girl Feeding Her Rabbits – Printable Vintage Art

A really lovely image of a young peasant girl feeding carrots to a nest of bunnies – so sweet!

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Spring Dandelion and Crescent Moon Clip Art from the late 1800’s

Vintage Spring Dandelion and Crescent Moon Art - Click for printable image

A lovely late 1800’s engraving of dandelion seeds floating in the wind in front of a crescent moon.

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