French ephemera

Vintage French Edgar Degas Postage Stamp from 1970

A printable vintage French postage stamp depicting one of Edgar Degas’ ballerina paintings.

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Exquisite Victorian Trade Card from the 1884 New Orleans World Fair

Antique 1884 World's Fair Trade Card for Ricksecker Perfumes

A beautiful and ornate advertising trade card for Ricksecker’s Perfumes from the 1884 World’s Fair in New Orleans.

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Antique French Fashion Plate from 1901

A 1901 French fashion plate that served as an advertisement for the Les Grandes Modes de Paris fashion house.

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Vintage Costume Mask and Fans Photo Clip Art

A pretty image of antique feathered hand fans and a sequin and lace costume mask – perfect for Mardi Gras!

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Vintage Picture of a Pink Rose

A beautiful French vintage color plate of a pink rose.

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Vintage Clip Art of a Victorian Lace Hand Fan

Vintage Lace Fan Clip Art

A pretty French ephemera image of a lacy Victorian era hand fan.

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Vintage Clip Art Picture of an Ostrich Feather Fan

Vintage Clip Art - Ostrich Feather Fan

A gorgeous clip art image of an antique French ostrich feather hand fan.

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Vintage Red Rose Botanical Print

A lovely printable image of a vintage botanical red rose.

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