Lovely Vintage Merrick Thread Ad from the Late 1800’s

A beautiful Merrick Thread ad featuring a young girl holding two adorable rabbits.

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Lovely Old Fashioned Easter Bunny Picture

Here’s a lovely late 1800’s engraving of a hopping Easter rabbit.

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Colorful & Unique Easter Celebration Card with a Hatching Egg

Vintage Easter Celebration - Click for printable art

A sweet Easter celebration with girls and jesters dancing around a hatching baby chick.

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Lovely Peasant Girl Feeding Her Rabbits – Printable Vintage Art

A really lovely image of a young peasant girl feeding carrots to a nest of bunnies – so sweet!

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Printable Retro Easter Bunny Image

Here’s a retro Easter Bunny picture that looks very much like Peter Cottontail!

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Beautiful Vintage Easter Eggshell Boat Whimsical Art

Vintage Eggshell Boat Print - Click for printable artwork

Here’s the first picture in a new 25 Days of Easter vintage art series of a child sailing in an eggshell boat with a flower paddle.

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Beautiful Free High Res 1800’s Birds Nest Art

A gorgeous 1800s birds nest illustration from an antique book plate, with a free high resolution version to download.

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