early 1900’s

Vintage Happy Easter Postcard

Vintage Happy Easter Postcard - Click for printable postcard

A pretty antique Happy Easter postcard with baby blue robin’s eggs.

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Vintage Easter Greetings Postcard with Elves

Vintage Easter Greetings Postcard with Elves Playing with Eggs - Click for printable picture

A whimsical vintage Easter postcard with elves playing catch with Easter eggs – so cute!

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Vintage Easter Egg Postcard from the Early 1900’s

A beautiful vintage Easter postcard with a sepia toned lake house scene inside of an Easter egg.

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Colorful Vintage Easter Postcard with Farm Chickens

Here’s a beautiful early 1900’s vintage postcard with two chickens on a farm surrounded by a large horseshoe frame.

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Vintage Floral Typography Postcard from the Early 1900’s

Antique Floral Typography Happy Wishes Postcard - Click for printable card

Here’s a beautiful postcard with flowers spelling out the words “May All Happiness Be Yours”.

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Vintage St. Patrick’s Day “Erin Go Bragh – A Bit of Irish Sod” Postcard

A pretty bright green Erin Go Bragh vintage St. Patrick’s Day postcard from the early 1900’s.

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Beautiful Good Luck Horseshoes & Flowers Vintage Postcard

Antique Good Luck Horseshoe Postcard - Click for printable artwork

Here’s a flowery Good Luck postcard with a horseshoe from the early 1900’s

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WTF Wednesday: Babies and Guns in Bed, Oh My!

Scary Vintage Gun Ad for Iver Johnson Revolvers

An early 1900’s vintage gun ad featuring a child playing with a gun. I kid you not.

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Vintage St. Patrick’s Day Ireland Scene Postcard

Vintage Happy St. Patrick's Day Irish Postcard - Click for printable image

A pretty early 1900’s “Scenes from Dear Old Ireland” St. Patrick’s Day postcard.

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Antique French Fashion Plate from 1901

A 1901 French fashion plate that served as an advertisement for the Les Grandes Modes de Paris fashion house.

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