Still Life: Vintage Kaj Franck Design

Vintage Kaj Franck Finel Enamelware Bowl

I’m finding that the more time I spend on Ebay finding incredible vintage stuff, the more questions I have. Who made it? What’s the company history? Is this really collectible? How much is this thing really worth? Two companies that I am starting to get to know are Arabia Finland and Berggren Originals. I don’t know that their stuff is really all that valuable – more that their stuff is freaking beautiful and I want to surround myself with these pieces.

This bowl is from the 1960’s, produced by Arabia Finel and designed by Kaj Franck, a famous mid-century modern Finnish designer. This particular enamelware mushroom bowl is fairly easily found on Ebay or Etsy – but finding some of his more obscure works is proving a lot more difficult – and costly. I’ve seen a very simple enamel teapot designed by him priced at over $300 – one that I’m not even that impressed with. But this bowl? I’m in luv. And it was less than $25.

I’ll feature more of Kaj Franck’s designs as I am able to acquire them – and I’m totally on the hunt.


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