Still Life: Vintage Enamelware Kettle

Vintage Berggren Enamelware - Kettle with Rosemaling

I have always been a thrift store junkie. Not because I’m cheap (well, I am, actually) but because I have always been enamored with beautiful vintage stuff. I have some gorgeous pieces from my grandparents, but lately I’ve found myself on an enamelware kick. And mid century modern Scandinavian design. And turquoise and red. I saw this European country kitchen and was instantly infatuated. More like obsessed. I want that kitchen. Bad.

The history of this kettle is a little interesting – it was made by the Berggren company, which was started as a home based business by a woman in the early 1900’s. It grew to become an international company – I even have some company history from someone at the company who bought them out many years ago. That’s a blog post I need to get up, because there’s practically nothing about them online anywhere.


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