Spring 1913 Men’s Hat Fashion Advertisement

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Welcome to Day 5 of 25 Days of Vintage Spring Pictures and Clip Art!

Here’s a super-cool ad that is somewhat hard-to-find – men’s hat fashion for spring in 1913. This comes from an old issue of Browning’s Magazine – A Periodical of Fashions and Fancies. It was a tiny half page sized publication that handed out men’s fashion advice such as:

“Blue double-breasted sacks are in favor and many will be worn.”

“The opening of vests seems to be getting gradually lower. I suppose the exceptionally attractive neckwear now in vogue has something to do with this.”

“As the summer advances many mohair suits will be worn, and Browning, King & Company’s tropical suit will be a delight to its wearers during the hot weather.”

Vintage Men's Fashion Ad from 1913

Vintage Men's Fashion Ad from 1913 - Click for printable picture

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