Vintage Collecting

A Quick Lesson on Vintage Halloween Noisemakers

Here’s some quick pricing information on collectible Halloween noisemakers from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

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Colorful Vintage Knitting Spools

Antique Figural Knitting Spools

Fun photos of a great collection of figural wooden knitting spools found in Amsterdam!

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My Grandmother’s 1950’s Vintage Bakelite Purse

My Grandmother's 1950's Vintage Lucite Purse

I just determined that my vintage Lucite purse is actually made of Bakelite – and it’s starting to deteriorate. 🙁

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Still Life: Vintage Kaj Franck Design

Vintage Kaj Franck Finel Enamelware Bowl

More from my growing mid century modern enamelware collection – a bowl designed by Kaj Franck.

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Still Life: Vintage Enamelware Kettle

Vintage Berggren Enamelware - Kettle with Rosemaling

A beautiful vintage rosemaled kettle from my budding new enamelware collection.

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Still Life: Vintage Kitsch

The tiny kitschy figurine from my grandmother that was the inspiration for a new collecting habit.

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I Wanna Be a Cowgirl if it Means I Get to Wear These Boots

Vintage Cowboy Boots

I’m drooling over cowboy boots. And I live near Chicago. Go figure.

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