Vintage Halloween Art

Gorgeous Vintage Halloween Postcard to Print

Gorgeous Vintage Halloween Postcard to Print

Beautiful and colorful vintage Halloween postcard art – free to download and print.

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Demonic Illustration from a Vintage 1800’s Occult Book


An illustration of one of the demons from the 1863 version of The Dictionnaire Infernal.

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Antique Skeleton Diagram Clip Art


A wonderfully quintessential vintage diagram of a skeleton – perfect for Halloween!

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Awesome Vintage Witch Halloween Art


A classic-looking vintage witch Illustration from the 1920’s.

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Beautiful Art Deco Era Vintage Halloween Costume Illustrations


A beautiful 1920’s full color illustration of Halloween masquerade party costumes.

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Disgusting Halloween Insects Clip Art


Two gross Halloween clip art images of cockroaches and a tarantula. YUCK.

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Spooky Ghost in a Graveyard Halloween Clip Art


Here’s a great vintage clip art drawing of a ghost walking through a graveyard.

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Easy Halloween Cats Pumpkin Pattern to Print


Here’s an easy to carve pumpkin pattern based on a 1920’s vintage Halloween illustration.

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Retro Jack o’ Lantern Pumpkin Face Pattern

Vintage Pumpkin Face Carving Pattern

A cute and fairly simple retro jack o’ lantern pumpkin face pattern to carve.

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Printable Vintage Halloween Paper Cut Outs


Two adorable vintage Halloween paper toys to cut out and use as place cards, paper dolls, or as paper decorations.

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