Miscellaneous Holidays

Beautiful Bald Eagle Painting on a Vintage Nature Magazine Cover

A beautiful patriotic bald eagle on the cover of a July 1928 issue of Nature Magazine.

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Old Ink Drawing of a Patriotic Military Drum

A black and white vintage image of a patriotic military snare drum.

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Vintage 1912 Color Book Plate of 18 American Flags

This is a beautiful full color encyclopedia book plate of 18 red, white and blue United States flags.

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Vintage 4th of July Patriotic Postage Stamp Art to Print

Vintage 4th of July 1959 Postage Stamp - Click for printable image

A printable version of a July 4, 1959 cancelled vintage 4 cent postage stamp.

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New Series! 25 Days of Vintage Summer & Patriotic Art

Here’s a gorgeous vintage 4th of July postcard with a regal woman holding the American Flag.

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Vintage WWI Military Wife Illustration for Memorial Day

Vintage Military Wife Crying as Her Husband Goes Off to War

Here’s a World War I era illustration of a wife crying over her husband going off to war.

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Vintage Birthday Postcard with Poppies from the Early 1900’s

Vintage Happy Birthday Postcard with Poppies - Click for printable art

A pretty early 1900’s birthday postcard with poppy flowers and art deco embossed design elements.

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Whimsical Vintage Four Leaf Clover Illustration for St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s the Lucky Four Leafed Clover character from the vintage kid’s book The Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon.

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Vintage Floral Typography Postcard from the Early 1900’s

Antique Floral Typography Happy Wishes Postcard - Click for printable card

Here’s a beautiful postcard with flowers spelling out the words “May All Happiness Be Yours”.

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Vintage St. Patrick’s Day “Erin Go Bragh – A Bit of Irish Sod” Postcard

A pretty bright green Erin Go Bragh vintage St. Patrick’s Day postcard from the early 1900’s.

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