Retro Jack o’ Lantern Pumpkin Face Pattern

Free Vintage Halloween Images, Clip Art, and Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Welcome to Day 17 of 25 Days of Vintage Hallowe’en Art!

It is Friday, and going into the weekend I’ll be posting the last of my vintage pumpkin stencils. This way you’ll have plenty of time to carve pumpkins to your heart’s content! Today’s pattern is based on a fairly common and well-loved die cut paper decoration made by the Beistle company. In fact, they were founded in 1900 and are still around today – they are even still selling this exact jack o’ lantern paper decoration! I’m fairly certain that this particular corn-cob smoking pumpkin first appeared in their collection in the 1960’s. They are very easy to find if you are a Halloween collector, but since they are very hard to date, you could be buying one that is 60 years old or printed this year.

Vintage Beistle Halloween Die Cut Paper Decorations

Vintage Beistle Halloween Die Cut Paper Decorations


Today’s and tomorrow’s stencils are going to be a lot simpler and easier than the previous stencils in this series. Not everyone has the patience to carve elaborate pumpkins, I know! Here’s the pumpkin face carving pattern – isn’t he cute??

Vintage Pumpkin Face Carving Pattern

Vintage Pumpkin Face Carving Pattern - Click for larger printable stencil

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