Retro Baby Shower Illustration

Today’s image was actually a little hard for me to classify – the picture is clearly of a girl pushing a baby carriage while walking her two adorable little puppies. But the girl really doesn’t look old enough to be a mom, does she? The card was actually sent to a little girl back in the mid 1940’s from her aunt along with a gift of a new doll. It does seem like the illustration is of a girl pushing her doll in a stroller… but since when do companies make cards to celebrate girls pushing strollers? 🙂 So I had to conclude that perhaps this was intended to be a card that would have been used in a vintage baby shower situation… what do you think? Either way, I think the card is downright precious!

Retro New Baby Congratulations

Retro New Baby Congratulations - Click for larger printable image


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