Vintage Fangirl Image Usage Guidelines

I love being able to provide you with free images for your crafting and art use. But know that these images are not ‘free’ for me to acquire. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on rare and hard to find vintage books and artwork in order to create the clip art and images on this site and in my Etsy shop. Additionally, every image I produce comes from a physical item I actually own – I do not take and repurpose others’ online images. I think that’s only fair, because I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. I strive to do my research well to ensure that the images I post are no longer under copyright by the original creator, though I cannot guarantee this.

In order to ensure I can continue to provide you with great, high quality images, you must agree to abide by my licensing guidelines. If you do not agree to these guidelines, then do not use the images on this site.

By using Vintage Fangirl images, you are agreeing to use them in the following manner:

You Can:

Print these images onto paper or any other physical item and sell any physical product you make with them – as long as you are a small business and the amount of items produced is less than a quantity of 5000. This does NOT include print-on-demand sites such as CafePress, Zazzle, etc. 

Print these images and sell the physical prints in an offline “brick and mortar” store, craft show, flea market, or other place where you conduct business in person with your customers.

Print these images for personal use for pretty much any reason!

Use these images on your blog, online shop, website, logo, or business materials, provided you are using them as part of a design, and are not intended for redistribution.

You Cannot:

Use these images for commercial purposes outside of the scope outlined above.

Redistribute these images on your own site or in your own image collection.

Sell any digital copies of these images, in whole or in part.

Share these images with your family or friends in a digital format in such a way that they can avoid buying their own copy of the images.


If you are unsure if your usage is covered under these terms, please just ask! I’m quite generous and reasonable, for the most part. 🙂