Extra Creepy Vintage Devil Pumpkin Carving Template

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Welcome to Day 7 of 25 Days of Vintage Hallowe’en Art!

This pumpkin stencil was by far my absolute least favorite to work on. I wanted to create at least one stencil of a devil face, mostly because there are some really interesting vintage Halloween decorations featuring some of the creepiest demons of all time. So I set out to find one of the creepiest – and I think I did. The original image comes from a rare antique paper devil mask from the 1930’s:

Scary Vintage Devil Mask

Yuck. That would have totally freaked my kids out when they were young! But I realize that not everyone gets into the cute or artsy pumpkins that I prefer – hence, Mr. Devil Man.

Extra Creepy Vintage Devil's Face Pumpkin Carving Template

Extra Creepy Vintage Devil's Face Pumpkin Carving Template - Click for full size free printable pattern


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