A Quick Lesson on Vintage Halloween Noisemakers

Source: etsy.com via Wendy on Pinterest


I’m a little crazy obsessive about vintage Halloween stuff. I don’t have a big collection, just a few things. But last year I bought Mark Ledenbach’s Vintage Halloween Collectibles Identification & Price Guide – and this book is invaluable. EVERY page is filled with photographs and an each item has an estimated value. I can only imagine the hundreds of hours it took to research it all.

Anyway, I found this mini collection of vintage Halloween noise makers on Etsy today, and I had a hunch this listing was a good deal. I dug up my book and found 4 of the 5 toys  listed. Total top value for these (clockwise from left) 1 – Unknown, but probably between $10-$20, 2 – $10, 3 & 4 – $20 each, and 5 – $20. The Etsy listing has all of them for $40.

Does that mean this seller is under-pricing these Halloween collectibles? I don’t know about that – these pricing guides are just that – “guides”. Most of the time they quote upper-end pricing, which is definitely not what you could count on getting if you chose to resell the items. Plus, the economy and demand will always affect prices, and right now those aren’t working in a collector’s favor.

That being said, if I were sitting on an extra $40, I’d snatch these up. But since today my extra $40 is getting saved to buy stuff for my own Etsy shop, I’m going to have to pass. Which is why I hope one of you buy them, so that I can live vicariously through you. 🙂


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